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    The New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) stands with the Black Community within our agency and across New York City. We recognize that planning policies and zoning codes have acted for decades as bulwarks against fairness, inclusion and integration, and that they have played a large role in perpetuating racism and even violence against Black and Brown Americans. Read our full statement.

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    It can't be said enough: thank you to the New Yorkers on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis.
    The Dept. of City Planning and City Planning Commission send a heartfelt appreciation to our neighbors, friends, family members and fellow city workers who are on the front lines protecting our city. See our notes and words of gratitude in this video.
The Census count determines billions in funding for schools, health clinics, roa


    The 2020 Census is now live! You can fill it out online right now in 13 languages at, or by phone at (844) 330-2020. It only takes about 10 minutes and your information cannot be shared with anyone by law.

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    Interested in connecting professionally with the Department of City Planning (DCP)? We would love to hear from you. Complete our brief survey to learn more about professional opportunities, such as internships.

Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency: Planning for Resilient Neighborhoods

    Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency is a set of recommendations for a zoning text amendment to foster flood-resistant buildings and incorporate sea level rise in their designs as projected by the New York City Panel on Climate Change. The initiative proposes to make permanent zoning provisions that were adopted on a temporary basis in 2013 and improve them to reduce flood risks in the city’s most vulnerable areas now and in the future.

Update on City Planning Business in light of COVID-19

Department of City Planning (DCP) offices are currently closed while staff work remotely. If you need assistance, please call (212) 720-3300. DCP has temporarily revised its filing and zoning verification protocols.

City Planning Commission meetings resumed remotely on August 3 for projects not subject to the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) or that were already in public review prior to a March 16 ULURP suspension, as well as for presentations on projects that will go into public review in the future.

The full ULURP process will resume on Sept. 14.

Besides ULURP, certain zoning provisions for Privately Owned Public Spaces and Waterfront Public Access Areas are temporarily suspended, and will remain suspended after Sept. 14.

Read more details on the above changes.

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Zoning Application Portal

DCP’s beta Zoning Application Portal (ZAP) search allows the public to find current and historic information about Land Use applications.

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