A doctor uses a stethoscope to examine a boy sitting on a table.

    The flu vaccine will not prevent COVID-19, but it will help decrease the risk of you and your family getting sick and needing flu-related medical care.

    Learn more about the flu vaccine, including where you can get a shot this year.

Man wearing face covering with nose ring showing.

    You can wear a variety of face coverings that show your style, as long as they all cover your nose and mouth.

    Learn more about the best ways to handle, wear and wash you face covering to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Prevent spread of covid-19. Stay home, social distance, wear mask, wash hands.

    New Yorkers can slow the spread of COVID-19 by continuing to take precautions: stay home if you are sick, keep physical distance, wear a mask when you are around others and wash your hands often.

People wearing face masks riding their bicycles, with 6 feet distance between.

    New Yorkers going outside to enjoy the warmer weather must continue following COVID-19 precautions, such as wearing a face covering and staying 6 feet away from others.

    Learn more about what you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Child wearing face mask. Text: There is still more you can do to protect me.

    Due to COVID-19-related delays, your child may be behind on their immunizations. It is especially important that children younger than 2 are up to date on their vaccines.

    Learn more about the vaccines your child needs and how you can get them free shots.

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